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15 Wash Lane, Warrington, Cheshire,
WA4 1HS. United Kingdom

01925 444439

If you need support on an issue immediately, please telephone 01925 444439 and we will take control of your device to offer assistance.

For a free network evaluation and support quote please call for an appointment.


By taking out a support contract you are buying the peace of mind knowing when your IT kit lets you down, it will be fixed before it damages your business.

We can adapt any contract to give you the cover and response your business demands.

Deciding the level of cover is your decision and should be action / reaction based. If your business can’t survive at all without your IT, we will be advising you about fault tolerant systems. If you can still trade then a 2 hour response would be more appropriate.

Our gold support, which the calculator on our home page has priced up for you give you the following SLA:

     ⚫ We will be on site within 2 hours if your business is down.
     i.e. everyone cannot work Server/infrastructure down (location dependant)

     ⚫ We will be on site within 4 hours if a user is down.
     i.e. one person cannot work. PC down

     ⚫ We will be on site within 8 – 16 hours for a minor reported fault
     i.e. one person cannot print

     ⚫ We will remain on site to fix the fault to our best endeavours.

     ⚫ You will receive unlimited telephone tech support.
     We will endeavour to return your call within the hour if we can’t deal with it immediately.

     ⚫ You will receive unlimited dial in support to fix server issues.
     We will endeavour to take remote control of your server within 4 hours of the call been logged (unless business down severity call)

     ⚫ You will not be charged travelling time
     and if we do not arrive on site within these time scales, you will receive the first hour’s labour for free. (Warrington local)

     ⚫ We bill our time in 15 minute increments
     so you will only be charged for the time spent on site

A call out can be upgraded to the next service level for a charge of £45.00

Our standard hourly rate is £45.00 per hour + VAT which applies to normal business hours Monday – Friday 9.00-5.30

Call outs before 9.00am and after 5.30pm weekdays and Saturdays will be billed at 1.5 hours per hours worked. Work performed on Sunday will be at double time

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