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Have you thought about what you’d do if your computer systems failed right now?

If you are backing up to a hard drive, are you aware that you could lose your information if your system had an electric fault?

If you are backing up to tape at night, how many times have you forgotten to change the tape or take it home every day?

If your tape/hard drive/usb pen, or any backup media fell in to the wrong hands, are you sure nobody can read your sensitive information?

If you are currently protected by cloud backup, do they offer a fully managed service that will get your data back to you within the hour?

We can eliminate all of these concerns with our offsite back up for as little as 33p per day.

Off-site backup is used to make sure that your critical data can be recovered, should the worst happen. We do this via remote back up every night. The information is then stored and available at the click of a button, should you need it recovering to your computer/network.

You don’t need to worry about your sensitive data being compromised as we use 448-bit military grade encryption.


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